Terms of use and data use policy


1. Service provider


The website www.playerest is operated by Marco Polo Media Ltd. (suit: Intershore Suites, Room 414, 88 Kingsway, London, WC2B 6AA; registration number: 9784732; [email protected]), henceforward: Service Provider. All personal data is handled by the Service Provider.


2. Scope of terms of use and data use policy


This terms of use and data use policy (henceforward: Terms) applies only to data handling that is directly in connection with the website www.playerest.com. Terms does not have a limitation in time and it can be modified by the Service Provider at any time. The Service Provider notifies the users of the changes in a way - before the changes become effective - that the user will be able to decide whether to accept the changes or delete their registration.

Unless stated otherwise, the scope of the terms does not apply to data handling that is related to third parties' promotions, prize games and other campaigns and for data handling of websites that www.playerest.com provides a link for.


3. The purpose of the website


The purpose of the website is to ensure the availability of single and multi-player online games.


4. Registration, profile, personal data


A part of the services is available for anybody. Only registered users are entitled to access all games and all modes, furthermore, to write comments, vote and save to favorites.

During registration, the user has to provide the information requested by the Service Provider.

After registration, the Service Provider sends an activation e-mail to the address given. The registration will only be completed upon clicking on the activation link.

In addition to the above, certain services may be connected to further handling of data. The Service Provider will properly inform the registered users about the details of handling this voluntarily provided data in each case.

The registered user will have a profile page, whose content is provided by the users themselves.

Registered users can use - as an avatar - a picture from their Facebook photos or an image offered by the webpage gravatar.com.


5. Login using Facebook registration


The registered users of the Facebook.com website may log in to www.playerest.com using their Facebook credentials. In this case, the login process takes place through Facebook.

Unless the auto sharing function of Facebook is disabled by the user, their Facebook timeline will display which www.payerest.game the user is playing with. In this case, the policies of data handling are that of Facebook's. The user can disable the autoshare function at any time.


6. Handling of personal data


The Service Provider can only use the users' personal data as described above. These data can be modified any time by the user. In case the registration required the use of Facebook profile through their system, the registration can be deleted by removing the corresponding Facebook application.

During registration and viewing the website the IP address of the users' computers is logged together with the starting time and ending time of their visits, and, in certain cases - depending on the settings on the users' computers - the type of the browser and the operating system. These logged dates will only be used for statistical purposes, and the Service Provider is required to delete them within six days and only in case of orders by lawful authorities will it be submitted to a third party.

The data will only be submitted to a third party in case of orders by lawful authorities or with the expressed permission of the party affected.

Through registering or signing up to the newsletter the user consents to the Service Provider sending newsletters containing advertisements or direct advertisements in e-mail. The system of submitting these newsletters will be created considering the demands of the users.

The service provider may use the data in the profile to customize advertisements and select the website that will appear after logging out. These operations will happen automatically, without human intervention through the use of software.

For other purposes, the Service Provider will only share the data with the expressed permission of the user in case of providing additional, extra services.

The Service Provider, as the data handler, reserves the rights to itself to use data administrators to perform certain technical operations.


7. Services of the website


After registration, the user is allowed to use the services of the website. The Service Provider retains the rights to - as stated under section 2 - modify the scope of the services.


8. Responsibility of the users


The users can only use the website on their own account. The Service Provider is not liable for damages that are a result of the users' imprudence. The Service Provider is not liable if a third party acquires the users' data by their own fault. The user is required to respect all current laws and refrain from activities that are against the law or may damage other users' interests. It is against the law that one user makes other users data public without their expressed permission and if, through their actions or way of communication results in damage to reputation or to rights related to intellectual property. All users must refrain from comments that are racist, or that may insult any religions or minorities; furthermore, the use of all other obscene, foul language and any other behavior that may prove obnoxious to other users.

The users must:

All users must refrain from all activities that may harm the Service Provider's interests. In addition to this, the user must refrain from hindering, obstructing the operation of the site and any activities that aim at violating the Service Provider's business discretion. The user must not engage in activities that may compromise the security of the website or that aim to advertise another services or products. It is, in particular, also forbidden to link to warez-like website or direct link a warez content(s).

The Service Provider claims the rights to ban and delete the registration of users who violate the Terms.


9. Responsibilities of the Service Provider, exclusion of liabilities


The Service Provider takes it upon itself to make all reasonable actions to ensure the undisrupted and continuous service. The licenses listed above (Terms of use, modification of use, taking action against users, etc.) will be primarily used to achieve these goals and to customize its services to suit the needs of its users.

The Service Provider also takes all necessary actions to ensure the safety of the users’ data.

The Service Provider notifies the user of the suspension of their registration, deletion of their account regardless of the reasons and aims for cooperation with the user in order to peacefully negotiate the issues.

The Service Provider - due to the fact that the service is free of charge - does not guarantee the undisrupted service and cannot be made liable for the lack of continuous operation or for problems and malfunctions that may arise; however, the Service Provider will make every effort to solve these problems. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for the conduct of the users.


10. Linking the service with other services


The Service Provider retains the rights to link www.playerest.com with other sites operated by the Service Provider. The linking of sites is merely a technical operation that does not, in any way, imply that there be a link of data files of any form. The Service Provider will properly inform its users of the fact of the linking, its aims and any merger of data that is authorized by the users themselves.

The link between sites can serve no other purpose than to provide extra services for the registered users. Utilizing these extra services is at the sole discretion of the user. Linking different registrations of the same user can only take place after the users had been informed and they expressed their unequivocal intention to allow the transferring and linking of the data.


11. Assertion of rights


The users may turn directly to the Service Provider with their complaints and objections who is going to do what they can to stop and remedy any infringement or rights. In all other cases, the user may assert their rights as stated in the law, of which the Service Provider will inform them if requested.